Dr. Kat Mizouni, Freelance Writer and Creative Consultant

Dr. Kat Mizouni, Freelance Writer & Creative Consultant

Dr. Katarina L Mizouni grew up in Montreal, Canada with a passion for astrophysics and writing. She pursued her fascination of the cosmos by graduating in 2013 with a Ph.D. in Physics after collaborating in a number of research projects around the world. She has been involved in a variety of writing endeavors in both English and French for over a decade, ranging from scientific, technical and academic writing, to blogging, journalism, literary analysis and fiction writing. She is currently working on a trilogy of character-driven fiction, layered with time traveling, history and quantum physics, and also writes witty content for Shmoop Inc., an online university which aims to educate and entertain simultaneously.

Kat’s main passions in life revolve around writing, international travel, culture, and physics, particularly the origins of the universe and quantum physics. Over the years, she has also developed a strong love of French and English literature, classical music, fashion, philosophy and anything that has a flair of adventure. These various interests often make their way into her writing, enriching her work with multiple curves that intertwine in unique ways.

Currently Kat teaches physics, French, English and piano, continues to work on her trilogy, and is involved in freelance writing for numerous clients. See services and testimonials for additional information.

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